Wednesday, June 18, 2014

166th Ave NE Rechannelization and School Zone Improvements Move Forward

Council awarded a bid for the 166th Avenue NE Rechannelization and School Zone and Traffic
Safety Improvements, City Project to Road Construction Northwest, Inc., of Renton, Washington, for the amount bid of $1,075,156.65.  The construction on 166th Ave NE between NE 85th Street and NE 100th Street will include:

· Restriping lanes

· Installing traffic calming medians

· Establishing safe pedestrian crossings at two locations:

o NE 95th Street - installing an overhead flashing beacon, a street luminaire,
and flashing signs
o South of NE 91st Street – installing a crosswalk with a median and
flashing signs
· Signal modifications for protected left onto NE 85th Street

· Constructing curb ramps to current ADA standards  Read More >>

The School Zone Safety Improvements includes constructing combinations of speed
feedback radar signs, rapid flashing beacon signs, curb bulb-outs, and a median crossing
at the following school zones:
· Albert Einstein Elementary

· Audubon Elementary

· Ben Rush Elementary

· Faith Lutheran Elementary

· Norman Rockwell Elementary

· Redmond Middle School

· Horace Mann Elementary

· Redmond High School.

Construction of the improvements at the crosswalk on Bear Creek Parkway at 164th Ave
NE will include:
· Installing rapid flashing beacon signs

· Constructing curb ramps to current ADA standards

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