Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Redmond High School PTSA donates $12,000 for gym sound system

NOTE FROM R.H.S. PRINCIPAL JANE TODD. Once again, our PTSA has stunned me by their generosity and support of the school. ...They approved a grant of over $12,000.00 so that we can completely overhaul the sound system in the main gymnasium. This donation will have to be approved by the School Board (anything over $1000.00 must be approved in this manner) so it will take a bit more time before the work can begin, but I expect that by the time school starts next year, we will no longer have to worry about screeching, microphones cutting out in the middle of performances, garbled sounds, or anything else we have endured for years now.
And speaking of generosity, staff will be once again treated to food at their expense (next week, I believe) and they are planning very special surprises for the week of recognition of school staff in May. They asked me last night what else they could do to support us. My response was that they have always gone above and beyond and that we are very, very grateful for everything they do.

-Mustang Weekly

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Anonymous said...

Too bad they didn't approve $12,000 for science equipment. It shows where pro=priorities are in the community.