Thursday, April 10, 2014

NAMI Forum: "Leaving No Stone Unturned in the Quest to Cure Mental Illness"

Monthly Educational Forum, 7pm-9pm, Evergreen Health, 3rd Tuesday of each month,
Suite Tan 100, 123 NE 130th Lane, Kirkland.  April 15, 2014 presentation is: 
“Leaving No Stone Unturned in the Quest to Cure Mental Illness”
In the quest to help their daughters with mental illness, two parents will share stories that are strikingly similar, but with very different outcomes. On one hand, a precious young life lost, on the other, a cure. Both families did everything they knew how, sought and listened to authorities, and made valiant efforts to save their children. What did they do differently? What led to a cure? The answer lay in getting to the underlying biological causes of brain dysfunction through lab testing and providing the body with the ingredients needed for the brain to heal. They will share lessons learned in finding treatment and dealing with doctors, schools, and insurance companies.   Read More >>
Theirs is a message of hope and strategy for others who face the real and difficult issues of mental illness. They are serious about helping others navigate the murky waters of mental health care with an emphasis on implementing a comprehensive, integrated approach of treatment.
Ace Bulger is a financial planner, and a typical father of three daughters. He spent over 25 years in education as a principal, vice-principal, athletic director, teacher, coach, as well as over 14 years as a certified coach working with school districts, organizations, families and individuals. Motivated in part by the suicide of one of his daughters, Ace became a student of epigenetics, nutrition, and overall wellness in order to help educate families and individuals as to the possibilities as well as difficulties of approaching mental health treatment in a truly comprehensive manner.  For the past year he has been representing NAMI on the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s task force to implement House Bill 1336, which passed last July to address suicide prevention in schools. Ace is also on the NAMI Eastside Public Policy Committee focusing on legislation relevant to improving our mental health system.
Sharon Simas is a certified nutrition coach, and an experienced mom with 2 grown daughters. Her college education gave her a strong technical and science background, and she spent 15 years as a computer systems analyst. She’s volunteered extensively in the community, serving as PTA President and co-chair of a school district-wide Health and Wellness committee, as well as president/board member of several non-profit organizations. Sharon has been honored as a PTSA Golden Acorn recipient and Outstanding Youth Advocate, as well as YMCA Volunteer of the Year. For over 5 years, Sharon has been researching the brain, epigenetics, and biochemistry, seeking out effective treatments to help close family members with serious mental illness, Parkinson's, stroke, and Asperger’s syndrome. What she found was surprising and permanently changed her family.

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