Wednesday, April 9, 2014

City sets conceptual plan for its recreational buildings - Includes $57 million community recreation center

The City is going ahead with their conceptual plans to:  1) renovate the Senior Center, 2) replace the Old Redmond School Community Center (ORSCC) and Hartman Pool with a new community recreation center, 3) build structured parking between the library and city hall, and 4) move the teen center to a new, stand alone building.  LWSD would take over the ORSCC.  Council expects to decide on final plans by June and the Mayor expected financing decisions with or without a bond by October of 2014. 

The conceptual plan to locate the new community recreation center and structured parking between the library and city hall drew the most discussion and concern by councilmembers in their April 7 study session.  There was consensus that it was not the best location but it made the most sense considering the few alternatives for land available.  Council President Margeson made slight mention of using the Heron Rookery forest as a site but there was no discussion on that subject.  Councilmember Myers pointed out a good location for the teen center is next to the Skate Board Park.

Renovation and expansion of the Senior Center is the city's #1 priority.  4,000 square feet would be added for a total cost estimated at $9.2 million.  The Community Recreation Center is estimated to be 85,600 square feet at a cost of $57.3 million.  It would include:  recreation and competition pools, a gym, fitness and walking/running track, indoor play space, classrooms, and rental rooms.  The structured parking space would add 400 stalls at a cost of $6.8 million.  A $200,000 covered walkway would connect the Center to the parking facility.  The LWSD may partner with the City in construction or operations of the Center. 

Reported by Bob Yoder



Anonymous said...

"Councilmember Myers pointed out a good location for the teen center is next to the Skate Board Park."

Scroll down to March 19 and you'll read this headline:

Citizen complains of drug use and safety issues in the city Skate Board Park
"An adult citizen spoke up to city council this Tuesday night complaining about the drug abuse that is rampant at the Skate Board Park in Redmond."


Anonymous said...

Of course the heron rookery trees will eventually come down - that's how Redmond rolls ... chop it, pave it.