Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Have you seen the numerous colorful sticks in Redmond's Downtown Park?

Have you seen the numerous colorful sticks (or wands/ribbons) in Redmond's Downtown Park?   Mayor Marchione announced there's a tag on each ribbon stating:  "I want __________ in my downtown park."  Citizens can fill in the blank with their idea for what they want going on in the park --- a creative way to engage the public!   Stop by and fill in a blank!


Paige Norman said...

Stupidest idea ever. This is even UGLIER than the tree socks.

HOW MUCH MONEY did the city spend on these brightly painted sticks? And what will be done with them after the wish list is created?

And what about the people that walk their dogs or play with their kids on the formerly stick-free grass?

Honestly. What.A.WASTE.

Anonymous said...

I want stick-free grass in my downtown park.