Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vote YES On LWSD Growth Bond

We need students in permanent classrooms, not temporary ones, designed for the quality education we demand for our growing population.  A YES vote on next month’s LWSD Bond would do just that.  It will solve overcrowding at Redmond’s elementary and middle schools as well as Kirkland’s two large high schools.  It balances the district with a trending STEM high school on the west side. It gets Juanita High School out of the portables they have had for 30 years (plus gives their majority of classrooms windows)!

Being retired and living on a fixed income, I looked at my recent property appraisal and taxes.  It was great to see the value of my Kirkland improvements and land go up 17% while my real estate tax only went up 11%; hence, my current tax distribution rate went down!  We can afford the $10 per month on the average sized home and should want to for our future generations and neighboring communities.

The LWSD Board listened to the 30.74% who voted and reduced the Bond amount.  Be part of the overwhelming 57.79% majority that said yes in February to that one and VOTE YES now on this Bond by April 22nd to clear the 60% hurdle.
By Matthew Gregory

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