Sunday, February 9, 2014

Letter: LWSD Kids Deserve Proper Facilities - Please Vote Yes on No. 3

All students deserve to spend their learning day in proper educational facilities. Please view the photos below taken at four of our overcrowded schools and think about the children and their teachers who spend each and every day without running water, without bathrooms, without proper ventilation and without the security of being in the main school building during a school-wide lockdown.   And please remember, that inside the main buildings, we have as many as 30 students per classroom in elementary buildings.   Read More >>

These buildings are old and far too small for their existing student bodies.  No amount of
“modernization” will get the students out of the portables into “modernized” buildings.  And anyone who has done a renovation knows, there are potentially serious and costly problems behind the walls of old buildings – mold, mildew, systems out of current code, etc.
The District’s planned new schools move us in the right direction towards providing additional classrooms for so many of our children.  Will it be enough – probably not.    Projections are not an exact science.  Unfortunately this district knows that if they build a single extra classroom that goes unused, the complainers will be out and shouting loudly before the paint dries!
We can’t wait until 2015 to begin the process of moving forward– please vote yes on No. 3
Minerva Butler
Rockwell and Redmond Middle School parent

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