Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Open House scheduled for Capstone's Overlake Village Park concept.

By Tom Hinman
In about a half a month, (January 15th at 6pm), there will be a second Open House in Redmond City Hall on Capstone's Overlake Village Park concept.  The graphics from the December 4th Open House were posted Monday at  This gives time for the community to review and digest some of the information provided earlier.  Public comments are still desired as design proceeds.
Besides recent photos of the site (see in particular views of the park parcel on Capstone pages 8-10) there are City infrastructure/context sketches of Overlake.  Note that nine acres of parks, 11 miles of trails and a community center will eventually be needed to provide the level of service to Overlake prescribed in City planning documents.  (These community amenities will occur in phases -- 3.5 park acres by 2020 inclusive of the 2.6 acre Capstone development and 5.5 acres more by 2030 as the neighborhood grows.)  Some of the newer parkland will be built over the stormwater vault currently being constructed west of 151st at Bel-Red Road as shown in a City concept sketch at the link above.  The Northern Stormwater Vault/Park west of 152nd between 26th and 27th will be built sometime in the future and contribute to the additional 5.5 acres of park space required.  

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