Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Summary of City Council's mile long (25 item) Consent Agenda

The Redmond City Council's Consent Agenda had a list of items a mile long - some of which I will try to summarize here:

1.  The City accepted a $228,000 grant from King County for design services to relocate 3500 feet of Evan Creek in SE Redmond to open space to create spawning runs for salmon. 

2.  If you went to the Open Forum a few months ago to look at the five consultant finalists for the Downtown Park Master Plan we now know that PFS Studio won the consultant agreement.  They will have up to $500,000 in Master Plan monies to plan the downtown park.  The city touted PFS's "unique approach to recreation programming, a strong history of art and park integration, a far-reaching public involvement plan and a portfolio of well designed and detailed public parks." 

3. Over $6.2 million in construction bids were awarded to two companies to build out the Cleveland Streetscape - where Cleveland Street will be two-way with wide-sidewalks and connections to the downtown park and Central Connector. 

4. A new Human Resource Director was confirmed while at the same time 2% across the board salary increases were dished out to non-union, non-executive employees as well as police, fire and police support and non-bargaining units.  Executives will get merit increases the end of 2014 from the Mayor. 

5.  The city awarded $40,000 to LWSD for their School Resource Officer Program. 

This was Councilmember Pat Vache's last Regular Business Meeting and all councilmembers, the Mayor and past councilmembers Cole and McCormmick thanked him for his public service.  The Mayor presented Vache' with a plaque signed by the staff Directors.  

Reported By Bob Yoder 

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