Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Council gives green light for basic design work to rechannelize 166th Avenue

City council agreed to proceed with the general design work to rechannelize 166th Avenue NE from four lanes to three lanes by the end of 2014.  Public comment was reviewed.  Councilmember Margeson asked staff to look at the 100th Street intersection where drivers are getting out of their cars to push the crosswalk button so they can enter 166th.  There was quite a bit of favorable discussion on the idea of an expensive roundabout at the 95th Street intersection.  Traffic at the roundabout would slow to about 20 MPH.  A signal light is another option.  Councilmember Stilin thought some art sculpture would be nice on the roundabout.  Design work for the intersections did not get the green light from Council.  They will look at it at some later date.  The rechannelization will improve the line of sight for cars entering 166th and so improve safety.  Car speeds are expected to slow by 4-5 MPH. 

Reported By Bob Yoder

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