Tuesday, March 5, 2013

OPINION: School Board is making strides in their policy-making process

OPINION:   It is delightful to see the strides our Lake Washington School Board is making to upgrade their quality of governance..   Last night's school board meeting displayed the most dynamic conversation the Board and Superintendent have ever shown in the four years I've been reporting on the District. 

The conversation was catalyzed by three speakers from the audience and previous speakers before them.   One speaker was a Lakeview parent concerned about the lack of affordable access to all day kindergarten.   He is on the school wait list for a second class that just opened.  Tuition for all day kindergarten is $3500 and he couldn't understand why other school districts offer all-day to their students for less cost.  Board Member Siri Bliesner asked Dr. Pierce to plan a way for the district to be more proactive in securing all-day and to ask the other districts how they do it.  Pierce said she would look into it but said she thinks the district could be growing faster than others and space more limited. 

Another Lakeview parent was pleased that the reconsideration process for their "Leader in Me" program was scrutinized but he felt the curriculum selection policy process for Leader in Me was flawed.  School Board member Chris Carlson stated the curriculum selection policy needed to be revisited because Dr. Pierce cited examples where the program implementation was improper.  Members Bernard, Bliesner, and Pendergrass all agreed that curriculum policy needed to be reviewed by the Board and that they had concerns with implementation of Leader In Me.  Carlson asked Pierce for a report on her progress with implementation.  No date was set by the Board to review policy. 

The conversation was enlightening and rewarding.  I'll be following their progress. 

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