Friday, March 8, 2013

LWSD urges state legislature to adequately fund K-12

Lake Washington School District Board urges state legislature to address K-12 Funding
Lake Washington board joins others from around the state
Redmond, Wash. – At its March 4 meeting, the Board of Directors of the Lake Washington School District unanimously passed Resolution No. 2142, which urges the Washington State Legislature to address K-12 Funding. The resolution notes that the board “expects the Legislature to adopt a comprehensive system for stable and sustainable revenue that meets the requirements of Washington’s K-12 public schools and students.”
The Washington State School Boards Association has asked school boards across the state to adopt such a resolution.
“We gladly add our voices to the other school boards across the state as well as parent groups and other education advocates who are reminding the state legislature of their paramount duty to fully fund basic education,” noted Jackie Pendergass, president of the board.
Doug Eglington, the board’s legislative chair, noted that the Supreme Court’s McCleary vs. State of Washington opinion made it clear the state is failing to provide adequate funding for basic education. The state has developed a revised definition of basic education but has failed to fund it.
“The legislature has the spending plan done but they have yet to have the hard conversations that will determine how to fund it and how to phase it in,” noted Eglington. “The children of our state, their families and their communities have been waiting a long time. We urge the legislature to complete the job.”

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