Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ctiy Council studies advantages of LED street lighting

The City of Redmond wants to be on the leading edge of "light emitting diode" (LED) street lighting and has already been trying them out in the Woodbridge neighborhood of SE Redmond.   They figure they can save $35/light annually with LED's over the existing "high pressure sodium" (HPS) lights.   LED's use 30% less energy consumption, have significantly lower maintenance, and bring improved lighting uniformity and color rendering to streetscapes. 

Currently the city owns 1500 city lights and PSE owns about 3,000.  HPS lights have to be relamped every four years which raises the maintenance cost.  LED's can last up to 15 years in our cool northwest weather.  Thus, LED's are less labor intensive and the payback period for new installations is only 4 years and 7 years on a retrofit.  The city council studied LED technology and models from different vendors in their last Study Session but no decision was made by the Mayor on implementation. 

Reported By Bob Yoder

Note:  Sometime after this report the City converted to LED's

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