Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kathy Lambert's roles continue unchanged from last year

Dear District 3 friend,
With the new year comes the annual reorganization of the King County Council. In 2013, most of my roles on the Council will continue unchanged from last year. As chair of the Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee, I will be focusing on efficiencies and funding for the criminal justice system, which now accounts for about 75 percent of King County's General Fund costs. Spending policies also are central to my role as vice chair of the Budget and Fiscal Management Committee. In addition, we will continue implementation of technology to streamline and modernize court processes. We are working with the Court of the Future out of Virginia as part of this effort. General membership on other Council committees will be assigned after the District 1 appointment process has been completed.

It is always a pleasure to serve you and all the residents of Council District 3.

Best wishes,
Kathy Lambert

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