Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Councilmembers Margeson and Allen and Mayor Marchione appointed to committees of influence

Councilmembers Hank Margeson and Kimberly Allen have been working diligently on regional committees to bring transit to Overlake and downtown Redmond.   Both attend the Sound Cities Association (SCA) to this end.  Allen recently announced she chairs the SCA for the Regional Transit Committee where they focus on developing the Metro Strategic Plans.    Margeson is newly appointed Caucus Chair for the SCA Growth Management Policy Board working closely with staff on growth issues. 

Mayor Marchione announced at last night's business meeting he was appointed to the US Conference of Mayors' Infrastructure Committee along with the Mayor from Philadelphia and Mayor from Chicago who chairs the the committee.  Marchione said "This is a real plum."   He quipped "My daughter had nothing to do with it. She was out of the country."  

"Redmond is by far the smallest city but what got us attention is we are a tech city," said Marchione, "Philadelphia has a school system of the future.  We're the government of the future so there's a Microsoft connection there..."

Reported by Bob Yoder

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