Tuesday, December 4, 2012

LWSD schools receive $311,987 in donations this month; Waste Management donates $225,000 to LWSF

WASTE MANAGEMENT Donates $225,000 to the Lake Washington School Foundation

December is a month filled with generosity and Lake Washington School District and LWSF proved a large recipient of these good tidings.  Total donations may have set a monthly record with $311,987 in the books reported to the School Board and Superintendent at their business meeting last night. 

By far the biggest contributor was WASTE MANAGEMENT who gave $225,000 to fund Lake Washington School Foundation's "Signature Programs."  Lee Ann Wood, Executive Director of the Lake Washington School Foundation presented the award at the School Board Meeting.  WASTE MANAGEMENT'S Area Director Rob Sherman was on hand to share their goal of "partnering for a zero-landfill waste future." He wanted his donation to encourage other organizations to support our schools.  Superintendent Pierce indicated a segment of the funds will be allocated to the STEM program. 

The PTSA's donated a total of $82,655 for the month. Even the Eastside Woman's Basketball Association donated $4332 to Eastlake for coaches stipends.  The following PTA's made donations to their schools:

Wilder El - $27,514;  Lakeview El - 11,800; Dickenson El - $9190; Kirkland El - $7366; McCullough El - $6200; Eastlake High - $5823; Kirk El - $8100; Carson El - $2200; Mann - $1556


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