Monday, December 3, 2012

Burglary reported of central Education Hill home

Police canvassed door-to-door the East Firs Neighborhood of Education Hill (169th Ave NE & NE 100th St) informing homeowners of a nearby burglary today.  The policeman was asking for information of suspicious persons.

The burglary occurred in an single family rental home located off a back alley immediately west of 169th Ave NE.   The home is one of the oldest in the neighborhood. 

Police said the burglary smashed a window by the front door to enter the house and "grabbed small things."   Call 911 to report any suspicious persons.  

A second burglary with the same M.O. was attempted on South Education Hill at 2:00 PM today, according to neighbors.   The homeowner was busy working in her house and couldn't get to the knocking on her front door.  The burglars broke the door glass and then fleed upon seeing the homeowner.  Nothing was stolen. 

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Anonymous said...

Do we know what time the break in at 100th and 169th took place? I believe someone was in our back yard during the morning hours just around the corner from the break in. I thought I was probably mistaken, but maybe not.