Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mayor Marchione proposes $3,122,000 in new "fire engines"

Mayor Marchone proposes replacing this Aerial Ladder Truck with
a new $1,200,000 Aerial Ladder Truck,  Council must approve.
Two shiny, new fire engines, a new aerial ladder truck, battalion vehicle, training vehicle, and two aid cars are in the mayor's proposed 2013-14 budget.  Total expenditures:  $3,122,000, not counting trade in value.

According to the fire chief and director of finance all the older equipment would be surplussed in storage behind the new vehicles except the Aerial Ladder Truck which the chief called "an anomaly" that would be sold in the aftermarket. 

Councilmember Myers asked if the reason for the request was owing to new technology or wear and tear?  The Directors were not very transparent in their answer but the Chief did say lowering maintenance cost and wear are the reasons.  Councilmember Tom Flynn asked if the existing vehicles had been fully depreciated; Director Mike Baily clarified by saying, "No." 

So, it looks like Fire personnel will have some shiny new equipment to use and show off in the community if Council gives the go ahead.  Costs are as follows: 

Aerial Ladder Truck - $1,200,000
Fire Engines (2) - $1,380,000
Aid Cars (2) - $430,000
Battalion vehicle - $64,000
Training SUV - $48,000

Do you think the community needs this new fire replacement equipment? 

Reported by Bob Yoder

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