Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Redmond area families invited to host exchange students.

Liven Up Your July -  Be Connected Forever!
Educational Homestay Program Starts July 12. Sign-Up Today!
Educational Homestay Program (EF), is a non-profit organization  bringing short-term foreign exchange students to our area for many summers ~ perhaps you've met some!
50 high school students from Spain and China will be living in and around Redmond this summer from July 12-31 and we need many host families to take them in. (We can find a filler family if you will be gone part of the time.)
Hosting is super easy and fun since the students will go on daily field trips and to school at RJH each M-F from 9-5 (being taught by the ever-popular Ms. Samppala) . Host family members are welcome to attend field trips and just need to provide meals, transportation to RJH, and a bed.
You can host 1-4 students but most host 2. (Students can share a room with you or each other.) They also bring their own spending $ and are fully insured.
Hosting can often be counted for community service hours. For more info please don't delay in contacting Kris Bennett at  or 425-890-9252 and check out the EF website: 
By Kris Bennett
Education Hill neighbor
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