Wednesday, March 28, 2012

City of Redmond asks community to celebrate Arbor Day....Can we?

Redmond inadvertently mutilates these five Trees near the 91st Bridge
City asks community to celebrate Arbor Day on April 11...can we?

'Celebrate Arbor Day and the importance of Redmond’s trees and forest ecosystems' on Wednesday, April 11 at Farrel-McWhirter Park with a restoration work-party 3:30 pm to 6pm.
“Taking care of our community forests demonstrates the City’s ongoing commitment to the preservation, protection and enrichment of our environment,” notes Teresa Kluver, Park Operations Supervisor. “Preserving our trees and forests is vital to maintaining our quality of life and working to build a better future. I hope residents will want to take part in this effort.”
How is the Redmond community supposed to celebrate Arbor Day when the City breaks their own tree preservation law and allows a 100% clear-cut of trees on their 28 acre Group Health Overlake project? 

To compensate for 100% clear-cutting of 1000 trees, Group Health commits to planting 3,345 trees and 31,220 shrubsbut where Read More >>

City Planner, Dennis Lisk says they will plant 3,345 trees and 31,220 shrubs off site in parks and near creeks "to approximate the environmental benefits" of the Group Health forest canopy. Once Group Health sells it's first parcel for development, ~250 trees (totaling 1,000 trees on 8-acres) will be planted in each of the following 2-acre sites:

Juel Park (east) [city contact: Betty Sanders, ]

Perrigo Park (west) [city contact: Betty Sanders]

Millennium Office Park/Swedish easement adjacent Bear Creek. [city contact: Dennis Lisk, ]

Viewpoint Open Space (after blackberries are cleared by Cascade Green Redmond work parties. city contact: [Betty Sanders]  QUESTION:   Cascade Green Redmond buys trees for their projects and volunteers plant them.  So, how is Group Health paying for the 250 trees and their installation if Cascade Green Redmond already has an ongoing project here? 

But, Group Health will still have another 2000 trees and over 20,000 shrubs to plant at presently, unidentified locations.  Where?  Will they farm the job off to Cascade Green Redmond, as they are of Viewpoint?

By Bob Yoder
Photos by Yoder  


cwittel said...

I wonder if there are any plans to gather at the Overlake site for Arbor Day to protest the planned destruction of so many trees.

Anonymous said...

How many more clearcuts before the city is satisfied? "Celebrate Arbor Day" indeed! How, by felling a tree and replacing it with a seedling? A seedling with no funds and no plan for its care? What a sad joke of an "Arbor Day" that is. Let's please call it what it is: Clearcut Day.