Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Emergency Response Team looking for volunteer "victims"

C.E.R.T. victim being prepared to be lifted
from the desk of Elizabeth Hansford, with encouragement from Councilmember Hank Myers..

The CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) class in Redmond is looking for volunteers to act as victims in either of our TWO final drills we have coming up on March 3rd (2-8pm) and 4th. (2-8 pm) Details on both opportunities are below. Volunteer hours are available making this a great opportunity for high school students, scouts, etc. You don’t have to be in school to volunteer though - we need victims of ALL ages.  Read More >>

For both opportunities, teens (14+) are welcome to participate but they have to be able to act the part they are given-and stay “in character” to create an accurate scenario for the students going through the drill. Additionally, our victim volunteers give feedback to the responders at the beginning of the debrief session (and we’ll feed you pizza).

Volunteers will be assigned (or can select if you get there early enough) a medical condition/status and will be coached on how to act/respond for the rescuers. Make-up will be used as necessary to simulate a realistic event so:

· Please wear clothing that can be torn, mutilated, stained with blood, etc!

· Please be aware that the make-up used for simulating wounds can stain (mostly the fake blood) your skin for a few days after applied.

Assistance with set-up and tear down of the earthquake “scene” can also be used. There isn’t a limit on how many volunteers we use for this exercise. The drill will be held at the Redmond MOC - Maintenance Operations Center, 18104 NE 76th St.

-------------------How to Volunteer-------------------

By 5pm, Thursday, March 1st, send an email to Janeen Olson at jrolson@redmond.gov  or Elizabeth Hansford at mailto:atredmondcert@gmail.com  or call 425.985.4788.

Thank you and if you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Elizabeth Hansford
Internet photo

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