Sunday, February 12, 2012

UPDATED: Education Hill shooting update: Washington State Patrol Crime Lab, CSI, Redmond police scouring crime scene

 The crime scene is taped off - CSI agent with crime box resting on sedan -
 police and CSI investigate front door area

This case is closed.  A gun was fired by accident, the bullet went through a wall and hit a person in another room.  9/2012

Photo was taken around 1:50PM this afternoon (2/12).  Redmond Police Lt. Charles Gorman  was fielding questions from about 3-4 TV crews.  Helicopters flying by.   Gorman said " about 10 people were gathering or partying," allegedly last night and into the morning.  A "person of interest" has been interviewed by detectives

Lots of cars are parked on the road with groups of neighbors watching the State Patrol Crime lab, CSI, and Redmond Police comb the site.  The front yard was littered with broken evergreen tree branches from January storm. I'll visit the scene later today to post a video clip and publish additional news.
Neighborhood Map:
Curb address:  16804 NE 97th Street

Read neighbor comment posted below this story...

By Bob Yoder
Photo,  Yoder


PaigeN said...

We live three houses down the street from this house; which has been a source of criminal activity for almost 15 of the 20+ years I've lived here. Neighbors have been subjected to nightly noise violations and cars driving through the streets loudly, while talking, joking, swearing, etc. loudly at all hours of the night. It is a house known for drug activity, loud parties and there have been NUMEROUS domestic violence calls to this home. I can't think of a weekend in the last 5 years where there hasn't been some type of activity up there or the police called for some matter or another.

We are otherwise a pretty quiet neighborhood, where kids and neighbors and dogs all know each other.

I am saddened that a human being lost their life, but I hope that our neighborhood will be able to finally get this family and their criminal activities out of our streets. I am not necessarily a NIMBY person, but I don't want to live on a street where my children cannot walk their dog for fear of being offered drugs, run over by a speeding car or shot at by some drug addict.

I appreciate the Redmond Police Department as they have made numerous drive-bys when called by residents without passing it off or ignoring it.

Anonymous said...

I used to live about 3 houses away from this house as well for about 10 or so years. And agree with everything that Paige said.

People would park up the street across from our house many times and walk down for various "activities", speed up and down the street, tires squeeling, yelling, loud parties. Many in the neighborhood would call in to the police, the police would show up, and it would quite down for a day or two, but it'd all continue over again a time after that.

How very sad that someone had to die.