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Recap of Redmond Police Chief's testimony to Council on New Year's Day Fire.

Seattle Times
Recap of Redmond Police Chief Ron Gibson's testimony to Council on January 4, 2011. 

On New Year's Day the call came in at 2:31 AM about the fire on Sammamish Ridge Apartments, Redmond.  (approx. location:  Redmond Way and 148th Ave. NE). 

Chief Gibson said:

2:31 AM - call came in.
2:32 AM - the call was assigned.
2:34 AM - the first Fire unit responded.
2:37 AM- the first Fire unit was on the scene
 6 minutes after the call was received, the first Fire unit was on scene; this was almost simultaneous with the first Police unit that was on the scene.

The initial response to this call involved over 100 Fire Fighters and Police Department personnel.
27 pieces of apparatus - from the Redmond FD, Bellevue FD, Sammamish FD, Eastside FD, Kirkland FD, and Woodinville FD. 

Initial actions should be noted that two of our Fire Fighters actually entered the apartment and were successful in removing two of the victims through a window; efforts to revive these two victims was not successful. 

The investigation will continue for a couple of months.  It is harmful to speculate the cause and origin of the fire.  Turf issues were non-existent.
Chief Gibson thanked Mayor Marchione for being on-site Saturday and Sunday; thanked Public Works for removing the ice; and thanked two Redmond Fire chaplains for their support within 2 hours of the call.

Redmond Fire Chief Fuller spoke afterwords complimenting Redmond Fire & Police on their teamwork.

City Council Meeting, January 4, 2010.
Photo:   Google Images - Seattle Times

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