Monday, January 3, 2011

A quick tour of the Swedish/Redmond ER and Imaging Center

A quick tour of the Swedish/Redmond ER and Imaging Center - both are open 24/7.

Swedish/Redmond ER on 18100 Union Hill Road in Redmond has been open for business since  December 21.   If you missed their open house, this slide show will give you some idea of their Imaging Department.  Imaging is located on the 1st floor with the Emergency Department.
On December 16,  Redmond Neighborhood Blog and the Redmond Reporter were given a tour of the new Swedish/Redmond ER facility.  ER Director Brynn Karch, MD gave an excellent tour, patiently and thoroughly answering every question.  Later that day, Swedish CEO Ron Hochman and executives celebrated the ribbon-cutting with Mayor Marchione.    
I knew right where to go for the Saturday, December 18 Open House.  All Swedish imaging equipment is "digital" allowing for immediate transfer of the X-rays to the radiologist.  Most everything is "paperless".  Even patient records are digitalized for your family doctor.  No cumbersome files.
Heather, the Chief CT Tech. made a point that no "developing chemicals" are used, so "digital" is good for the environment.  The actual scan can be as fast at 15 seconds to around 2-3 minutes-or-so, depending on the equipment.  Radiation exposure is minimal.  Dr. Karsch indicated patients are often released within 90 minutes of their admission, thanks in part to digital technology. 
A popular piece of technology is the x-ray camera that takes "live" video showing exactly where to position the needle for a shoulder scan with contrast.  Shawn operated the monitor by touch, like an I-Pad.  Another is the "Tele-Stroke."  Patients with possible strokes can be assessed immediately with "web-cam"  by an off-site Swedish Neurologist.  Chad said the presence of a Specialist is critical during administration of clot-busting drugs.
Costs for the state-of-the-art equipment and the exams themselves weren't quoted nor was the kind of insurance you need for comprehensive coverage.  The building costs $25.5 million and is managed and owned by Hammes Company.  Swedish contracts with Seattle Radiologists for imaging and LabCore for diagnostic lab services.   Later this month Swedish/Redmond will open their outpatient, family care clinic on the second floor.  
Report and Photos by Bob Yoder
Photos taken 12/18/2010

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