Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bobcats at Marymoor Park this morning (12/31)

Quick newsflash:

Tina and I were at Marymoor this morning (12/31) and saw two bobcats in a tree. Walking from the parking lot by the compost piles, through the East Meadow, over the little footbridge, through mosquito haven, just a couple of yards before the long boardwalk, there's a large tree on the left.

Initially I saw the silhouette of one bobcat lying on a more-or-less horizontal branch that grew out toward me. Walking to the other side of the trunk for better light, I saw a second, much more visible bobcat close to the trunk of the tree. They were interested in us but intent on remaining in their sunny perches.
Their legs were wet, so I suspect they had been hunting in the marsh and were taking time to dry out. It was about 10:30/11. I got a couple of good photos which are posted here:

Also spotted was a Northern Shrike in the Eastern Meadow.
Posted By Carla Harrington

None of those (big) dogs have anything to worry about from a couple of Bobcats of course but I wanted the owners of the pocket pooches to be warned.  Have a wonderfull day, Carla

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