Thursday, December 30, 2010

Redmond Police Safety Tips for the Season

Jim Bove, Public Information Officer
Dear Redmond Community and Friends,

1. We’re excited to announce that ski/snowboard helmets are now available at the Redmond Town Center Substation for $15. This in addition to bicycle helmets, which are available for $10. Both are available at cost—money goes to replenishing inventory. Visit our RTC Substation website for more information and, remember, please protect your melon!

2. ‘Tis the season to give…and take. Vehicle prowls and residential burglaries are still occurring (more prowls than burgs right now). Remember to remove all valuables (or anything that may appear valuable to a criminal) from your vehicle….like that gym bag in the back seat with dirty clothes—it may not be valuable to you, but a thief might hope it contains money, wallets, laptops, etc. Most prowls can be prevented by removing all items and locking your door, even if you’re just leaving your car for a few minutes.

As for residential burglaries, be certain to communicate with trusted neighbors when leaving town, stop your mail, etc. See our crime prevention website for more safety tips regarding vehicle prowls, home safety, etc. And don’t forget to call 911 if you see anything suspicious….be a good witness, don’t put yourself in danger….observe and report.  Read More >>

3. If you have “senior” relatives or friends, please take a few minutes to educate them on scams. Encourage them not to write checks for large amounts of money unless they know 100% who they are writing it to. We have been getting one or two cases each week where seniors have been taken advantage of for large amounts of money—mainly through phone calls by people saying they are a relative in jail, or investment opportunities, etc. You can actually receive valuable information from the FBI “Common Fraud Schemes” website to learn more and even sign up for scam alerts. Here’s one of their most recent alerts:

4. Please see { }article in the most recent Redmond Reporter (or here on and other media) for an update on the safety camera program. City safety camera program start in February: Pilot program pushed back a month

Other than that, please stay alert and feel free to forward this message! On behalf of Redmond PD, we hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season!

Be Safe,
Jim Bove
Public Information Officer
City of Redmond

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