Monday, December 20, 2010

Maintenance To Avondale Bio-swale Improves Stormwater Treatment at Bear Creek.

2009 - Bio-Swale After Maintenance (Avondale on right)

2007 - Bio-Swale Before Maintenance (from NE 104th St )

 This bio-swale is particularly important because it treats stormwater flowing into salmon-bearing, Bear Cr.

2010 - After 12/13 storm - (looking south to NE 104th St.)
The left photo shows the swale after a winter downpour in 2007.  The soil is filled with debris and chemical contaminants. The inlet pipes are clogged and one is buried.  Dirty stormwater from Avondale Road and NE 104th Street isn't treated according to design.  This bio-swale is in serious need of maintenance and was reported by RNB to city stormwater
engineers. During heavy storms, water was cascading over the swale.   
The above right photo was taken in December, 2009.   According to a city stormwater engineer, the bio-swale is back to it's original "wetland pond" shape.  The soils contaminated with heavy metals and chemicals are removed.  The inlet pipe at the "elbow" of the swale is unplugged, visible and servicing Avondale run-off according to plan.

Have you seen this stormwater facility?

Reported by Bob Yoder
Photos by Yoder

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