Thursday, November 4, 2010

Updated: Evergreen Hospital Levy Projections and Update

Evergreen Hospital Commission Public Meeting Room is located in the hospital.  Photography and video-taping during meetings is forbidden by the Commission's lawyer.  
The Proposed 2011 Budget was presented in this Tuesday's Commission meeting: 
  • The 5 commissioners listened to Finance Director Yamada's report on the 2011 Preliminary Budget. It is still not known when the Public Hearing will be held when community viewpoints can be voiced. 
  • Ms Yamada budgeted for a $699,245 (18%) increase  in "Levy for Operations" in 2011 over prior year.   The proposed 2011 Net Operating Fund is $428,302,036 with a Net Operating Gain of $2,940,851 (allocated to the Capital Fund).   
  • Total Net Gain (counting tax and investment revenue) is:  $15,009,440. 
Finance Director Yamada said on 9/21 "She was happy to report that the district is ahead of budget and due to aggressive cost controls, is experienced a positive margin despite lower-than-budgeted volumes."

The Evergreen Hospital District Retirement Plan Draft Resolution 835-10 was studied this Tuesday: 
  • The District will match 4% of compensation to Key Executives PLUS 4% of Compensation in excess of Social Security Wage Base towards retirement.
  • The District will match 6% of bi-weekly Compensation for Physicians and supervisors towards retirement.  This is a reduction from 8% matching funds (7/1/2005 - 1/1/2011). 
  • All other Active District Participants will continue to receive up to 4% matching retirement funds. 
News from October 5, 2010 Minutes :
  • "VP Medical Affairs, Dr. Mitch Weinberg,*  has decided to resume his pediatric practice full time and thus has resigned effective October 15."   Per Freedom of Information's Act, the part-time position paid a salary of $299,334.54 in 2008 (includes $55,606.54 incentive bonus).  This was a 75% part-time position. 
  • CEO Rob Malte introduced Jason Dick as the new "Major Gifts Officer" for the Evergreen Foundation.  
  • Plans for the Leadership Retreat (Commissioners & Executives) were almost complete.  The goal is to "deal with proactive planning for health care reform.".  The retreat location wasn't noted.   
  • Dr. Jeff Tomlin* was welcomed as the new Chief Medical Officer. 
According to the Administration today, "the position of Vice President for Medical Affairs (VPMA)*, formerly held by Dr. Mitch Weinberg, will not be replaced.  Some of the VPMA responsibilities have been delegated to Dr. Jeff Tomlin in his role as Chief Medical Officer." (L. Burton).

This concludes my report.  Do you have any comments?  Evergreen Hospital is a Public Hospital supported in part by property tax levies.  A Public Hearing on the Budget and Levy is planned in the near future.  Would you like to know the Hearing date and location?

By Bob Yoder
Photo by Yoder (with approval of Sherry Grindeland, Evergreen Media/Marketing and under supervision by a Senior Planner)

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