Saturday, November 6, 2010

Education Hill Car Prowler Activity Caught On Security Camera

Hello Ed Hill neighbors!
Randall's Home Security Web Cam shows prowler 
This week, we had a car prowl at our home on 88th Street – nothing taken as far as we can tell, but the person was recorded on surveillance video. So we have some information that may help you and your families.
At 11:26pm on 11/2/10, the person walked up to each of our three vehicles and tested only one door lock on each car. One of our three vehicles was unlocked and the person stood on the outside of the car and reached in to check through the contents of the center console. A flashlight was used. The person climbed into the driver’s seat and checked the contents of the glove box. Then the person carefully closed the door, and went into the rear car door to check out some items in the rear of the vehicle. Our roadside emergency kit was looked through, but nothing appeared to be taken. The person carefully closed the door, and tried the passenger door lock on our other vehicle.
The best description I can give of the person at the time he was recorded: Male, approx 6’ tall, 180-200 lbs, wearing light colored pants that were baggy around the bottoms of the pant-legs, black shoes, and was wearing a backpack. The person was on foot, and no vehicles were passing up or down the street within 10 minutes of the prowl. A police report was filed, so they are aware of the activity.
The person was walking – no vehicle activity prior to the event, leading me to believe he was local and may walk the route regularly.


Howard Frazier said...

Thanks for sharing the details of that crime. You can bet if anyone reads this and sees someone matching that description and carrying a backpack (undoubtedly used to carry away your stuff) in their neighborhood at night, they will not hesitate to call the police.
I am a proponent of sharing details of criminal activity so we can be better prepared to analyze what we see and make the right decision about whether to report suspicious behavior.

Anonymous said...

We learned that a neighbor had a GPS unit stolen from her vehicle that night. Police were made aware. Same time frame, likely the same person. It would not surprise me if the person is going through different neighborhoods each night. This appears to be purely a crime of opportunity - door unlocked, person is searching for a GPS unit that can be resold quickly for $50 - $200. Unfortunately, the GPS holders that attach to your window (and even the ring they leave on the window!) can be the only trigger a thief needs to target your car in daylight or lower light. Be vigilant!