Monday, October 4, 2010

UPDATED: Redmond City Council Will Vote To Confirm Salary Commission Appointments

UPDATED, 10/5 -  By Consent Agenda, tonight, 10/5, the Council silently voted unanimously "aye" to confirm the Salary Commission appointments.

In the October 5 City Council Meeting, Council will vote to confirm the appointments of seven citizens to an "independent Salary Commission." The Commission is charged with reviewing Council’s $850/month salary and benefits “to determine if an adjustment is needed.”  Council member Richard Cole estimates each council member works significantly more than ~672 hours/year.  2004 was the last time Council’s compensation was reviewed. What initial thoughts do you have?
Fifteen citizens applied for the seven-member Salary Commission, in response to city advertisements this September 2 - 24.  Senior council member Richard Cole wrote:
"We (council) have agreed that each council member will pick one person. The names will go to the Mayor who will make the appointment. The council will still have a confirmation vote just like the other commissions. There will be seven commissioners".
It is not known at this time which council member picked which candidate. According to document AM-No.10 194  the following citizens are appointed by the Mayor:  Mary Bourguignon, Sally Chen, David Chicks, Rand-Scott Coggan, Karin Duval, Marilyn Rice, Sheri Sanders.   It's expected commissioners will begin their work mid-October with a decision by December 1, 2011.
The Mayor’s compensation will be reviewed this year, as well, but not by the Salary Commission.  READ MORE >>
 According to the Administration, in 2005 Council amended Ordinance No. 2111 to separate the Mayor's compensation from the Commission. Senior council member Richard Cole writes: “The (Mayor’s compensation) discussion will be in a public meeting so the Mayor is free to attend. As I remember, Mayor Ives attended and provided limited input.”
Mayor John Marchione is elected like Council, but is employed full-time by the City as CEO and Administrator. The Mayor’s current salary is $106,000, plus a $6,000 car allowance, and benefits.  The Mayor doesn't get bonus or merit salary increases.  29 city employees made more money than the Mayor in 2009.  Do you have any initial comments on the Mayor's compensation?
The City of Kirkland's 2011 Salary Commission earlier reviewed Kirkland Council's compensation.  In a council meeting this summer, Richard Cole alluded to Kirkland council's full benefit package.
By Bob Yoder
Photo - city website

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