Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beware of the Latest Youth Drug Trend

Beware of the Latest Youth Drug Trend

Spice, K2 or "fake pot" is legal, but dangerous

There's a new drug trend among youth that you should be aware of--an herbal and chemical product which mimics the effects of marijuana. It's best known by the brand names K2 or Spice and some are referring to it as herbal incense or "fake weed." Whatever brand name it goes by, it's proving to be dangerous and I urge you to talk with your teens about the potential side effects.

Click Here to read more about the availability and side effects of Spice.

Read More about "One Family's Struggle" 
"One Family's struggle"
Though his family was economically comfortable, fifteen-year-old Josh's childhood had been anything but stable. His parents struggled with addiction and mental health issues, eventually leading to divorce and his father being disengaged from the family. His mother became suicidal, leaving Josh and his siblings to largely fend for themselves.

Josh came to YES after he was caught using marijuana and alcohol. An assessment with a YES counselor revealed he was also struggling in school, having problems making friends and depressed. He was shut off from his feelings and had little communication with his dad.

It wasn't long after Josh came to YES that his dad asked for help for Josh's siblings. After an assessment, it was learned that each child had a substance abuse problem as well as depression and anxiety. Each has been receiving counseling and their situation is improving. Josh has been drug-free for over a year, has sober friends, is doing well in school and now talks about his feelings. He says his depression has gone from an 8 to a 3 and he's making plans for his future.

Family strife has no economic boundaries. That's why YES helps anyone who needs it from those with health insurance to those on Medicaid to those who pay on a sliding scale. YES is here to help everyone. We specialize in youth and families. In fact, we're the largest provider of mental health and substance abuse counseling for youth in the region. We use evidence-based best practice methods to assess and treat our clients, over 90% of whom achieve their treatment goals.

Many families can benefit from the services of YES. To learn more about our programs Click Here.

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