Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taped Highlights from the September 27 School Board Meeting

September 27, 2010 Regular Board Meeting

Superintendent Chip Kimball announced $42,469 PTSA donations this month, including a $27,299 donation from Wilder PTSA to Wilder El.  Click on the video link for all donations. 

Superintendent Chip Kimball appears to be inviting more staff members more often to present at Board meetings.  Conversation amongst Board Members is more dynamic, engaged, and purposeful.  President Pendergrass is running this meeting efficiently and openly with more attention to protocol. 

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Dr. Tracy Pierce's title changed this year from a "Chief Officer" to "Deputy Superintendent of School Instruction".  She is the chief administrator over all LWSD schools - including the principals in all the High Schools, Junior Highs, and Elementary Schools.  Four Directors of Support report to her. 
At the beginning of the Regular Meeting (Minute 9) Deputy Superintendent Tracy Pierce introduced her four Directors of School Support -  Ken Lyon (Eastlake), Kelly Pease (Redmond), Heather Sinclair (Juanita), and David Larson ( Lake Washington).  Watch them here!  (scroll to Minute 9).

Dr. Lyon's Eastlake schools appear the most challenged by growth.   Five new principals and an assistant principal are coming on board.  Overcrowding at Mead and Alcott is serious.  Watch his presentation at Minute 10.

An interesting discussion on ethnicity, minorities, and the disabled starts at Minute 1 hour/1 minute

Two parties made public comment a the last meeting.  President Pendergrass said they "were both connected with staff and were heard" but Mr. Kimball didn't address the outcomes.

Breaking News:  Dr. Kimball just released a new, streamlined 2010 Organizational Chart with greater emphasis on Instructional Services.  More to come...

Report and Opinion By Bob Yoder
Photo By Yoder

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