Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Letter from Councilmember Hank Margeson encouraging safe disposal of unwanted prescriptions.

The City of Redmond is sponsoring a "drug drop-off" program this Saturday (10-2) at the Redmond Police Department Lobby.  Councilmmember Hank Margeson has been working hard for more than two years to form and  implement these programs. 

Here's what Hank has to say....

Hi Bob,

YES!  The Saturday drug drop-off  program is really great news. I had intended to write to you to put it on your blog, but was busy doing Safeco's work during the day and then stopped by the house to change before visiting Gold's Gym to get in a heavy workout. And to my delight, you wrote to me!

The drug drop-off program adds to the options our residents now have to safely dispose of unused and unwanted prescriptions. Most important, it offers the option to securely dispose of controlled substances, no questions asked. We need to keep educating everyone to avoid flushing (except in rare circumstances) drugs down the drain and ending up in our streams, rivers, lakes and the Sound. If dropping off isn't a good option for some, I encourage them to follow the guidance provided by Attorney General Rob McKenna, mix the unused prescriptions in a zip lock bag along with used coffee grounds or kitty litter and put them in the trash.

Taking a step back, while this is a one day event, the momentum seems to be moving in the right direction in terms of safely and securely disposing of prescriptions. Who knows what the future holds in terms of additional options drug disposal options.

Thanks for keeping this in your Blog!

On an unrelated note, are you hearing anything from your readership on Backyard Chickens?

Take Care,

Details on Saturday's drug-drop off program

On Chickens:  http://redmondcity.blogspot.com/2010/09/city-may-revisit-backyard-chicken.html


Bob Yoder said...

Hank the response has been favorable to Backyard Chickens, both on RNG and Facebook. Not a complaint has been posted.

Here's the link:

Bob Yoder said...

An old high school chum living in Sweden facebooked this: "In Sweden at all pharmacys is a drug drop off. it is against the law to put anything down the drain or in the garbage. It is like a mailbox video drop off in the outside of the pharmacy door."

This is indeed a wake-up call!

Many thanks to my chum. I hope she will continue to send us the European perspective...

Bob Yoder said...

Councilmember Hank Myers has been involved in this program, too. He talked to me about it last Wednesday at the Redmond Connector open house. Aparently, he's been working with Kathy Lambert, the Council Safety Comm. (he's the Chair) and had coffee with the Mayor about it.