Friday, August 13, 2010

Theno's Dairy is upgrading their facility after an inspection by the FDA

UPDATED:  The Redmond Neighborhood Blog received a tip from a neighborhood mom, who wished to remain anonymous, that Thenos was inspected by the FDA and warned on July 21 for "serious violations of the current Good Manufacturing Practice regulation for foods." 
 "I'm just a mom who wants to know...what they are doing about it my kids ask all the time "to go to the ice cream place with the cow."
I called Thenos owner, Doug Bloor for his response.  Doug said:  "Absolutely no food has been contaminated, tainted, or recalled. "
Doug went onto say:  The FDA letter was "boiler plate" and that the issues had nothing directly to do with the processing areas.  Remedies are underway and should be completed in a few weeks.  Ice cream will be loaded in closed containment vessels and carted on stainless steel wheels.  A bid is out to modernize the sink drains.  The bathroom is being re-painted and upgraded.  Terminix has inspected the area and taken any necessary measures.  

Mr. Bloor noted that "Thenos started on a farm 26 years ago and has been the same operation all along.  The State Department of Agriculture inspects the processing areas 4 times/year.  The County Health Department is out 1-2 times/year." 

Reported By Bob Yoder
Photo By Yoder

 FDA Warning Letter, dated 7/21/2010
"Food and Safety News"


Anonymous said...

Reading that FDA report. It's easy to see why it attracts rats, birds, and lice; it's very old and the wood is dry-rotted. I'm staying away from it until all the improvements are in.

Anonymous said...

According to the FDA letter, it IS possible that food was contaminated...