Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Letter: "Really, this was Derby Days Weekend"?

The 70th Annual Redmond Derby Days expands events, attracts 'larger turnout' (July 19th, 2010 "Redmond Reporter" edition)”

The parade was longer, had more entrants, and had a crowd along the streets present for viewing. However, I was amazed by the number of people I ran into after Derby Days that said “Really, this was Derby Day’s weekend? I had no idea!”

For weeks prior to the Ananda Mela Festival there were signs everywhere. Sandwich boards on streets, signs on cars, flyers in windows. Where were the signs, posters and advertisements regarding Derby Days -- A page on the back of the “Redmond Focus” magazine, a link on the website?

A town I lived in for several years as a teenager had a huge banner at the entrance to the city for everyone coming into the town to see. There was no doubt when our town celebration was held.

Walking around after the parade at the booths I was shocked at how few offerings there were to attract families. Many booth spots were empty. And the carnival on the other side of town (not the first year) was certainly not a draw for families to attend after the parade.

I have lived in Redmond for over 20 years. I am constantly amazed at what the city considers important. This is our town celebration, a SeaFair event, something people should look forward to all year. I’m sure they would if there were any advertising about it.

Once again, the City just doesn’t get “it”

Paige Norman
Education Hill

Photo:  Paige with grandchildren

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