Thursday, June 24, 2010

Redmond Pool at Hartman Park will remain closed to evaluate and make repairs

The Redmond Pool at Hartman Park will remain closed while City staff work with contractors to evaluate the situation and make repairs.

All 70 pool filters require replacing. They are ordered, but the City has been informed they are on back-order and will be available for installation in about three weeks. The City hired a plumbing contractor to work on the deck drains, gutters and other pool equipment. In addition, two pumps for the main pool drain will be replaced.

The pool ventilation system was evaluated and is in need of major service including parts replacement. City facilities staff is power washing the concrete deck and restrooms and will also be performing repairs to the pool deck.
The City set up a Redmond Pool Hotline at 425-556-2375 for residents to learn the latest developments in the repairs.
“We certainly understand how anxious people are to have the pool reopen,” stated Sandra Bettencourt, Recreation Division Manager for the City. “To do so, we are working on several fronts at once. The repairs are continuing, we are responding to calls from people needing information and we will soon tender a bid to hire a new pool operator. Our goal is to open as soon as it is safe to do so.”

City of Redmond press release, 6/24/2010

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a cop out by the City of Redmond to keep the pool closed. Anything that needs to be doen suddenly needs to be done.

If the above really is the case, how much maintainence has the city been doing in the past years? I can fathom how all that work suddenly needs to be done if the city was properly maintaining the pool annually. Has nothing been evaluated and planned for the budget before?