Monday, May 17, 2010

Redmond High Students Visit Puget Sound Energy's Wild Horse Wind Farm

"During my visit, the rotor blades took five seconds to complete a full rotation. There was a dramatic swooshing sound as the blades carved through the air."

AP Students Visit Puget Sound Energy’s Wild Horse Wind Farm

On April 23, 100 Advanced Placement Environmental Studies students from Redmond High School and International Community School took a field trip to the Wild Horse Wind Farm in Ellensburg, Wash. This wind farm provides approximately the annual energy requirements of 69,000 homes.  Students also learned what careers are available for work on a wind farm.  Lake Washington Schools Foundation funded the bus ride. 

See a fascinating technical review of how wind farms look as described on the Redmond Library Blog.

Posted by Bob Yoder
Sources:   LWSD press release & Library Blog

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Jactive said...

This is fascinating! I didn't realize just how big these rotors are. Their diameter is greater than the wingspan of a 747. I'm glad the Redmond High students had the opportunity to see this operation up close.