Friday, May 28, 2010

"Drugstore Cowboy", James Fogle, arrested in Redmond, WA pharmacy.

Movie Trailer "Drug Store Cowboy", with Matt Dillon
James Fogle — whose life of crime and addiction became the basis for an acclaimed film, "Drugstore Cowboy" — is back in jail again.

By Christine Clarridge
Seattle Times staff reporter
James Fogle — who immortalized his life of crime and addiction in a book that became the basis for an acclaimed film, "Drugstore Cowboy" — is back in jail again.
Fogle and another man, 45-year-old Shannon Benn, were arrested on Tuesday while attempting to rob a Redmond pharmacy, according to police
He's 73 years old and this is probably the only thing he knows," said Jim Bove, a spokesman for the Redmond Police Department.
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Do you know what Redmond pharmacy Fogle allegedly tried to rob? 

Posted by Bob Yoder
Seattle Times News Partner 


Jactive said...

I read the Drugstore Cowboy story on your blog, and then clicked on the link to the Seattle Times story, which I also read.

The movie clip makes his life seem very adventurous and glamorous. I went to a tough high school in NYC and was a lunchroom monitor, so I'm not a fan of glorification of this type of behavior or life style.

It's unfortunate that our prison systems don't offer more in the way of rehabilitation programs for guys like him.

I recall 25 or 30 years ago the Seattle Times ran a story on Japanese prison systems. The story sticks in my mind, because despite being very strict and hard nosed, they were much more successful in lowering the recidivism rate than we are here.

Anonymous said...

It happened at Pharmaca in Redmond Center. I actually saw the police in front of the place after the arrest when I was making a late night run to the QFC for some cold medicine, but didn't find out what happened until the next day.