Friday, January 8, 2010

Continued landscaping delays at CAMWEST Development's "Perrigo Heights" project.

OPINION:  Everyone in construction has had a tortuous time surviving this economy and CAMWEST Development, Inc. of Kirkland appears to have been especially hit hard.   They are behind on landscaping this two-year old Perrigo Heights development.  A city public records request documents three performance bonds are being withheld by the city permit center.
This photo from the trail shows the absence of year-round landscaping around CAMWEST'S giant cement stormwater vault and easement.  It's hard to see the small deciduous sapling trees and shrubs, but evergreen plantings are noticeably missing.  Without evergreen plantings citizens walking, biking and running the trail and greenbelt have to stare at this eyesore for half the year.  The City is aware of the problem and is walking the site in January to inspect fencing that CAMWEST was to remove.
In my work as a city volunteer Land steward of this greenbelt, we know the winter is the ideal time to plant trees because of the abundance of water.  Yet, CAMWEST Development continues to procrastinate.  In the last several months they've framed four new $500,000 homes in  "Hazelwood" on 116th Ave., yet they don't appear to have the money or time to finish landscaping this two-year old Perrigo Heights project.
For those who want more information on Perrigo Heights and Hazelwood visit the CAMWEST Development, Inc. websites here:  Hazelwood and Perrigo Heights.  Good news on Perrigo Heights landscaping will be reported here.
What do you think?  Have you ever been on the greenbelt trails to enjoy them?  The main trailhead is at the eastern end of NE 100th Street behind the Morman Church parking lot.  The city paid $500,000 to purchase the "CAMWEST greenbelt."  It extends  to the vault.
cc:  City Commissions and staff.


Bob Yoder said...

Camwest recently removed the orange construcion fence for both sides of the water easement. It looks so much better after having to look at it for two years.

The City recently installed three healthy evergreen trees to sheild off the vault and improve the look. Alders were in the way on the left vault corner. They were not removed to make room for planting one of hte new trees. So, there will be no screening on that side of the vault during the winter/fall. I hope they'll see the gap and put in another tree.

Many thanks to Steve Fischer, city planner for his work on this small project. He in incredibly busy managing all the major project.

Bob Yoder said...

The trail connection from Hartman Park to Nike Park was cut off by the Perrigo Heights development. It was in Camwest's plans to build a new trail through theiuesr Native Growth Easement. Yes! the trail was built in 2010 but Camwest wouldn't take credit for it when I called them. Thus, we call it the "Mystery Trail." But, my guess is Camwest built the trail.