Saturday, April 1, 2023

Redmond Space District, More Satellites Than Any In The World

Mayor Birney (in blue) with Redmond Space District Leaders show proclamations officially launching the Space District

Redmond, WA – Mayor of Redmond Angela Birney announced the launch of the Redmond Space District today in partnership with OneRedmond at the annual State of the City. This brand was developed to showcase the dramatic growth of Redmond’s Space Cluster. 

According to research by Alliance Velocity, Redmond-based companies produced almost half of the satellites in earth’s orbit, and are projected to manufacture more than 75% of the world’s satellites in the near future based on current and future FCC approved satellites.

“Redmond has a long history in the space industry dating back to 1967 when Aerojet Rocketdyne, broke ground on their first site in Redmond,” said Kristina Hudson, Chief Executive Officer of OneRedmond. “Today, Redmond is home to an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem alongside two of the largest satellite manufacturers in the world: SpaceX, and Project Kuiper.” 

Redmond’s innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem leverages the region’s major strengths in information technology, manufacturing, and aerospace. Along with the two satellite manufacturing giants, Redmond’s robust and growing commercial space sector also includes Honeywell Aerospace, Kymeta, Microsoft’s Azure Orbital, RBC Signals, Spectralux, and Triumph providing a rich environment for small businesses like Xplore to locate in Redmond to grow and prosper.

 "Positioning Xplore in this hub for space activity and innovation was strategic,” said Lisa Rich, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Xplore. “We are surrounded by a community of customers and colleagues including SpaceX, Microsoft's Azure Orbital and Amazon Project Kuiper, and we have fantastic vendors and suppliers." 

Washington State is positioned well to become a global leader in the space industry, with Redmond as one if its shining stars. 

Mayor Angela Birney's 2022 State of the City Address (Video)


OneRedmond is a public-private partnership for economic and community development. Supported by local private sector businesses in close partnership with the City of Redmond. OneRedmond strives to be the difference maker in connecting our local companies and educational community with resources to keep our local economy stable and growing.

Source:  Kristina Hudson CEO, OneRedmond 

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