Monday, August 1, 2022

Work Begins On The First Building Of "Nelson Village"

Short clip of "Project One" demolition site showing trees to be removed.
I'm videotaping looking east from the Shell station, 7/29/2022

Grand Peking Restaurant and *Aqua Quip buildings will be demolished.

The Nelson Legacy Group is the owner and developer of the "Project One" project.  The Nelson Legacy Group owns 22 additional acres in Redmond which are approved for development.  

Project One is eight stories, 244 mixed use multi-family units, 4316 s.f. commercial, 221 parking spaces (21 spaces are free for commercial/retail use within the building. Minimum 25 affordable units (meets code.)

The "Project One"  building is highly visible. Eight stories.  Boundaries:  Adjacent to the Downtown Park,  Chevron gas station and Jimmy Johns to the west, Redmond Way to the South. On the east Aqua-Quip, Grand Peking Restaurant, and Dark Horse Brew will be demolished.  1.4 acres. 80052 -161 Av. NE.  

A one story bonus (making eight stories) was granted by the city for provisions of 20 percent on-site usable open space in the form of plazas, arcades with water features that are accessible to the public during extended business hours.  Is the standard now set for Nelson's other buildings?  The amenities are on the project site or within the zone in which the building is located. The applicant will provide 22,700 sf of open space whereas 12,180 sf is the minimum required in-order to achieve the additional building height to eight stories.

Sources:  Design Development Review memo, 11/6/2020

Clark Barnes, NLG Design Review Board

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This permanent urban food truck rests on the Project One site. The owner plans to move to a different downtown Redmond location.  Police and construction workers frequent the eatery. It's the only "permanent" food truck in Redmond.
* Aqua Quip is moving to a larger facility in Woodinville.

-- Bob Yoder, Photos Yoder, 9/5/2021

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