Friday, July 22, 2022

Ten-year Redistricting Leaves Voters at a Loss

Check this out.  When voting in the Primary yesterday I was shocked that 45th District Legislature "candidate bubbles" were on my ballot!  I've been in the 48th for as long as I can remember. I called King County to report the error only to learn redistricting takes place every ten years and this was the year.

That made me think. Why didn't King County Elections Director Julie Wise report this in the  Primary Voters' Pamphlet?  Why no press release?  Surely, some affected voters have lost confidence in the system.  Some may not have voted.  I was unhappy with the lack of notice and losing my representatives.  Our civic duty is to vote, not do the State's work.  


DEFUNCT MAP:    An excellent 2022 map of our State Legislature Districts and U.S. Congressional Districts.  User-friendly, but, don't be fooled!  It is inaccurate.  

DECENT MAP from a google search. however, candidate names don't show up.  Enter your address to find your district, no more.  

WASHINGTON SECRETARY OF STATE ELECTIONS -- Go here first!  Reliable, Comprehensive, Accurate. User friendly. Everything you need and more!


"Unfortunately, the Secretary of State’s office has not updated their map information to default to current maps.  That would be the link you mentioned when call which is: You can contact them directly to let them know that this needs to be updated immediately in order to keep voters informed with accurate information.  However, there is a box at the top of that page that directs you to current 2022 maps.   [It's a lousy map.]


District Finder

The District Finder map below displays legislative and congressional districts for elected officials currently in office. New district boundaries are in effect for elections taking place in August and November 2022. To find your new 2022 legislative and congressional districts please see the new 2022 Legislative and Congressional maps.


Please feel free to contact me directly if any additional information is needed." 


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