Thursday, July 28, 2022

EvergreenHealth CEO Planning Bond Measure


CEO Jeff Tomlin, EvergreenHealth

EvergreenHealth CEO Speaks on the State of the Pandemic, Contemplates Bond Measure.  

At a Woodinville Chamber of Commerce event, CEO Jeff Tomlin explained a "need for greater public funding for hospitals, perhaps through a new unlimited tax bond"

“We did in 2000, and it’s about 20 years where the taxpayers pay an extra five cents on that thousand dollars in excess property value,” Tomlin said. “It’s about to expire, so the timing is good for us to start thinking about what the community can do to support us.” 

-- Woodinville Weekly, 6/22/2022 Chamber of Commerce  (Excerpt) 

Comment:  EvergreenHealth is long overdue in allocating bond dollars to a Behavioral Health Clinic; especially in light of the COVID-induced mental health crises.  

Posted by Bob Yoder, 7/28/2022

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During the EvergreenHealth Public Hearing of November 15th, 2019 the seven commissioners voted unanimously to approve a 2020 Regular Tax Levy of $19,311,562 (Resolution No. 907-19.) 

An Excess Proper Tax Levy authorized for 2019 for repayment of UTGO bonds is $8,292,000 for calendar year 2020 was approved (Resolution No. 907-19.)  These bonds are the residual of a bond measure passed by 60% years ago to pay for the Silver Tower and new Emergency Department. 

You are welcome, says the Redmond taxpayer.  

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