Wednesday, July 27, 2022

ADA Curb Ramp Construction On Education Hill

 πŸ˜ƒAnd I thought the work was being done here because its in the Mayor's neighborhood! 😁 

Hello Mr. Yoder, 

I’m writing in response to your question about ADA curb ramps as I serve as the City's ADA curb ramp program manager.


Curb ramp replacements on 166th Ave NE are part of the City’s comprehensive ADA curb ramp program. Projects in the city, including ADA curb ramp program projects, are prioritized systematically through the Capital Investment Strategy (CIS) and Capital Improvement Plans (CIP).


As part of the ADA curb ramp program, the City completed a curb ramp assessment in 2013 for compliance with ADA regulations. The City also gathered community input in 2019 on existing locations where curb ramps should be replaced and created a prioritized list of locations for ramp replacements. Projects under the ADA curb ramp program were prioritized based on proximity to facilities such as schools, state/local government facilities, public bus and vanpool stops, places of public accommodation, and proximity to major employment centers.


Curb ramps on 166th Ave NE are in close proximity to several schools on Education Hill and were prioritized for replacement in 2022. Ramp replacements also occur through capital projects, private development work in the public right-of-way, and franchise utility work, and are triggered for upgrade and replacement because of Federal ADA regulations.


Please let us know if you have additional questions.


Adnan S

Traffic Senior Engineer

2022 ADA Curb Ramps

Funding:Transportation CIP (tax fund)


Contractor, Kamins Construction, Inc.  Bothell, WA.

Completion Fall 2022

-- Bob Yoder, Picture, 7/27/2022


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