Sunday, December 19, 2021

UPDATED, 12/21: Art Is Back In Redmond!

Laura Lee Bennett (correct spelling,) is Executive V.P. of the Redmond Historical Society and a VALA Board member. She gave me a tour of VALA, highlighting community Penny farthing art. 

Laura Lee is standing next to Dawn Laurant's "In Place" oil painting.  Dawn is a past VALA Board member and art appraiser.  (double click to see Dawn's artwork.) 

Crystal Edwards is President of VALA Eastside ("Venues for Artists in the Local Area.")  The Penny farthing is her creation. VALA's Mission is "Connecting artists to artists, artists to the community, and the community to art." Years ago VALA had an art center at Redmond Town Center, then moved to Kirkland.  This is their new space back in Redmond, and the first exhibit is called "We Are Here!" Many past VALA Board members, volunteers, and other contributors are in the show.  

VALA is an official blinker stop for "Redmond Lights 2021." Stop by and pick up a holiday blinker!  Their art center is at 8020-161 Av. Ne. #104, just a hop across the street from NW  Downtown Park.  Find hours of operation at their website! 

-- Bob Yoder, 12/18/2021
   Photos, Yoder

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