Saturday, December 18, 2021

8-story Modera Overlake's Plaza Is A "Crown Jewel"

Modera Overlake /

The site is approximately 1.41 acres in size and is located on the southwest corner of Bel-Red Road and NE 21 Street, in Overlake. Currently, this would be the first Redmond redevelopment along Bel-Red road, in Overlake Village. (15260 & 15248 Bell Red.)

The proposal is to construct an 8-story mixed-use apartment building with approximately 288 residential units and approximately 3,500 square feet of ground floor commercial space.

The development is proposed to have four levels of parking; two & half below grade and one and a half above grade. 

The applicant is proposing an 8-story building, which is possible in this zone with the use of various incentive techniques, including the plaza dedication, subterranean parking, and provide housing above the minimum required. Why doesn't the Planning Department incent with a "green roof?"

Modera Overlake will set the design direction and tone for this neighborhood for years to come. Staff believes that this project has done a good job in breaking up the massing of the overall building by creating two unique facades on NE 21st and Bel-Red Road. Staff believes that the bold design and brick fa├žade will create a building that differentiates itself from other mid-rises in the area. The corner (above) creates a simple gateway that helps highlight the commercial space and provides ample pedestrian zone next the busy road. The plaza design will be a jewel in the crown of the overall project and will be a great example of what other pocket parks throughout the community can be. 

-- Design Review Board pre-application meeting memo, 8/15/2019

Abridged by Yoder, 12/17/2021

Photo, City of Redmond

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