Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Year wishes from Council member Steve Fields

Steve's holiday letter to Friends and Family

Last December at this time I was preparing for my first year on the Redmond City Council. An opportunity only made possible by your support and inspiration. It was an exciting moment in my life. This Holiday week, I am again preparing, now for my second year, with an even deeper appreciation and dedication to the work of serving as an elected representative.

I am firmly committed to and guided by the belief that local governments must maintain a close and active decision-making partnership with the community to not only keep the public informed of what we are doing,  but more importantly,  to keep us informed by the public on what we need to do.

Steve FieldsHere in Redmond progress has been made over this past year.  As our most senior member on the city council put it during his closing comments on the 2019/2020 budget approval “We have a new spirit of inquiry on the council. We are questioning our techniques, assumptions, and our values”

The year ahead could well be the most important 365 DAYS in Redmond history.

2019 is again an election year and voters will have the opportunity to continue shaping our city leadership. We need to elect city leaders that include people with different experiences, thoughts, perspectives and backgrounds, who care deeply about the people who live here,  and who will challenge the current conventional wisdoms and approaches.

In 2019 we will be updating the city’s Comprehensive Plan. This is a critical time and our most important opportunity to ensure and instill community driven innovation with the purpose of making things better in ways that benefit everyone. This starts with the creativity and courage of people who are prepared to apply their ideas in search of new and better solutions. 

Although many of you do not live in Redmond you have supported my campaigns and my desire to make a better community and in turn a better world. Everyone of you is very much appreciated. 

All of us at the Fields home wish you the very best in the year and years ahead.


Steve Fields

Steve Fields
Position #2 - Chair of the Public Safety Committee
Term Expires 12/31/21
Phone: 425-588-2143

Steve Fields has lived in Redmond for over 30 years. He worked across all functions of government in his positions at King County and the City of Seattle in the Executive offices. Fields guided elected officials on policy, budget and operational improvements. He advised department heads and their staff to help the government perform better. Fields is also a Redmond small business owner with his wife.

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