Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mayor Marchione responds to City of Everett's initiative to transfer land for housing mentally ill homeless

Below is an "Everett Herald" article announcing the transfer:

City votes to transfer land for homeless, mental ill housing

Everett Herald, Updated: 

EVERETT, Wash. - The Everett City Council voted to approve the plans for low-barrier housing and to transfer land to Catholic Housing Services.
The Everett Herald reports the Safe Streets housing project on Berkshire Drive is set to be a 65-unit complex with around-the-clock staffing primarily for the chronically homeless or those living with mental illness.

Tenants cannot have convictions for arson, sex crimes or producing methamphetamine.
About half the residents would be from Everett.
The construction budget is $10.5 million. Most of the costs are borne by Catholic Housing Services and funded by tax credits and grants, which the city helped secure.
Groundbreaking is planned for later this month.
An artist’s rendering of the Safe Streets housing project designated for Berkshire Drive. (Catholic Housing Services)
Rendering of Everett's "Safe Street project"
Mayor Marchone's comment on the Everett Herald article:
"Thank you Bob. We are always interested in, and staff work to stay apprised of, what other jurisdictions are doing to address the challenge of homelessness.  That said, not every strategy is appropriate for every jurisdiction.  Everett is essentially the Seattle of Snohomish County, with both the largest population and greatest concentration of resources.
As one of many connected suburban cities, Redmond works closely with our Eastside neighbors to craft policies and strategies that will serve the sub-region as a whole.  In addition, Redmond has been very proactive in developing strategies focused on our local community. 
I appointed a Community Task Force on Homelessness in 2016 that developed a list of recommended action items.  A recent staff report to the City Council summarized the status of those action items which have been almost completely implemented.  Two key strategies to emerge included the addition of a dedicated outreach specialist to work in partnership with the Redmond Police, and a new website to provide information about homelessness in general, and ways that individual community members can get involved.  I encourage you to check it out:
Our activities in 2018 will include an exploration of what we as a community should do to most effectively further this work.  We will make sure you are included when we reach out to the community on this topic.
Thanks again and Happy New Year."
John Marchione
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Artest's rendering of the project:  

The Mayor approved my posting of his letter.

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Hi Mr. Mayor, 

I thought you'd be interested in what Everett is doing for their mentally ill homeless.  

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Toby Nixon said...

Kirkland is actively working on securing funding for a shelter for women and families in Kirkland, to be sited on land owned by Salt House Church between Lake Washington High School and Lee Johnson Chevrolet. Source: Facebook