Wednesday, September 6, 2017

UPDATED: Steve Fields and Byron Shutz's preliminary positions on "transportation"

Campaign signs:  Let the games begin!

"Redmond City Government MUST immediately take actions to improve our capability to move in and around our city centers and neighborhoods. We are growing past our capacity to handle the impact of traffic congestion with the current infrastructure and transit capabilities. This is an immediate priority. Our prosperity, health, and well-being greatly depends on the effort and time it takes to get to all those places that make our everyday lives enjoyable and successful.
Our downtown areas are very fragmented. We need to improve our spatial planning and make typical trips more convenient and less spread out.
There are also things we can do immediately to make things better such as investment in information technology to inform commuters on real-time traffic issues and placing better visual cues for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians to improve traffic flow."
 -- Steve Fields transportation Issue statement on Mr. Field's candidate website

To find Mr. Shutz's position
"I want to ensure your voice continues to guide the balance of embracing the unique character of existing neighborhoods while addressing the challenges of growth in future-ready urban centers that provide affordable housing, enhanced transportation and diverse services"

 --Byron Shutz, Council Candidate for Position 2  SOURCE:  Website  
(A Transportation Statement isn't available at this time and *Mr. Shutz doesn't use Redmond Facebook sites.)

Mr. Fields and Mr. Shutz also address "transportation" on their city candidate videos.  

* Redmond has seven neighborhood Facebook groups totaling 8,154 members. Council members (5), council candidates (5), school  board members (3) and a school board candidate (1) visit these sites for feedback, to get the pulse of the community and to participate with their constituents. 

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