Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Planning Commissioner Roy Captain asks for your vote, Council Position 6

Roy Captain's photo.
Roy Captain (photo, Facebook) 
You, your family, your friends
Redmond is the sum of its people. Wonderful people, like you, who chose to come here from down the street or across the world. Regardless of where we came from – we likely want the same things. We want a safe place for our friends and families to live, learn and flourish. We want an inclusive society that cares for all of its citizens – every color, all religions, varied income levels, those with homes and those in need of shelter. We want to protect our own while welcoming newcomers. We are so unique already and we have an opportunity to set an example for our region, our state, and our country. To do so, we need tight connections between our local government and our communities. It’s not just about reading reports. I walk this town daily, I talk to everyone (ask my wife…literally everyone!), I listen, I learn, I understand, I help. On the Redmond City Council, I will create supporting policies and effective infrastructure. I will work tirelessly to create the change, to underpin the values of our town. Redmond is a city with heart. Let’s keep it that way.

Your car
Yes, your car. Chances are you’re spending more time in it as traffic throughout the region increases.
Redmond is no exception. And chances are you’re frustrated. Me too. It’s an issue every candidate will be talking about and that Redmond City Council must have as a top priority for years to come. My stance on transportation is aggressive. With light rail reaching Redmond soon, there will be some relief but with multiple stops in our town it may also bring…you guessed it, even more traffic. It’s one thing to complain, it’s another to take effective action. I will partner with surrounding cities, transportation commissions, state government, our major corporate citizens and the drivers who go to and through Redmond to find solutions. It’s not a quick fix – don’t believe anyone who suggests otherwise. It requires long-term commitment, bold vision and exceptional diplomacy. I bring all of these to the table to work on your behalf and to make your daily routine better.

Your town
But it’s more than just your car…of course. Remember – you must insist that your city council is much, much more than just your “traffic council.” It’s ALL of the issues facing Redmond that impact each one of us. There’s a reason I’ve chosen to have a home here longer than anywhere in my life. Redmond is special. We have a rare blend of cultures, of small businesses growing next to booming corporations, of big-town-benefits with small-village charm. Protecting and bolstering our beloved town -- with its natural beauty, its active parks, its lively restaurants and shops -- all the while managing healthy economic growth…this is my primary focus. I will guard what’s already working well and I will improve what’s not. I will fortify Redmond’s infrastructure and ensure effective governance – so that you are proud to live here; so that you thrive personally, financially, and culturally from living here; and so that you stay and love all that Redmond has to offer you for many, many years to come. 

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